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Artists Statement


I am a painter of nature, but not in the traditional sense. I often find the form of a human figure within the lines of a landscape. When I use flowers as inspiration, the extreme close-up of a single blossom can become a world of its own. My work reflects a feminine spirituality without shouting.


I worked in watercolor for over 30 years, before recently rediscovering acrylics. Compositions have literally taken on a new dimension, with latest panels measuring 4x4 feet. Working large is providing new challenges and great rewards. Some of these new works are prepared to be hung outdoors, a concept I believe has great potential.


When I return to watercolor, I am still fascinated by the movement of the pigment in water. The poetry of a composition will tell me if the transparency of watercolor or the opacity of acrylics is the best choice.


It has always been my belief that a painting should offer the viewer room to explore, not offering up all of its secrets in the moment of introduction. The act of painting is all of that for me; the end product a tangible sharing for those who care to pause.