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Allie Jensen

5/10/1956 - 5/15/2017




Having grown up in the Ozarks, I had my first art lessons at Spiva Art Center in Joplin, Missouri, and came to Tulsa in the 70’s to study art at TU and stayed to raise a family.


Working primarily in watercolor for over 30 years, things got shaken up a bit in 2007, when I broke my right wrist. New methods had to be discovered, during the long period of physical therapy. New energy from calamity emerged in the watercolors of this time.


Opportunity soon arose to do a 4 wall, 360 degree mural for local author PC Cast. Among the gifts that this work wrought was a rediscovery of acrylics, and a better trust of the creative process carried over from the left handed paintings.


These days the medium is chosen by the quality of the subject and the size desired for the finished work. Nature is a continuous thread in either case, often incorporating the female figure in unexpected ways. A dew drop on a leaf might become an emerald. Bubbles of effervescence could show up just about anywhere.


 “I like to think of each composition as a window to a place where the elements are familiar, but not limited to their usual context, and that each is a place of light. Two dimensional art should be a lingering visual experience.  If you are going to live with a painting you ought to like the place it takes you."